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Choosing the Best Office Movers in Bangalore

Are you a facility or Administration Manager being tasked to handle and coordinate the complex task of our office relocation process which requires strict timeline adherence, minimum disptrution to operations,  coordinating with multiple departments in your organisation and vendors..

Call GATI EXPRESS PACKERS MOVERS BANGALORE. With over 30 years of Corporate relocation experience, we understand the complexities and are capable of assisting you with your office's relocation needs with our certified Packing Moving services. Our experienced project managers and move-coordinators can assess your moving requirements accuretely for both a small moves involving a project team with couple of workstations to a lage scale commercial office move involving moving hundreds of workstation, Data centres, Servers, UPS, Generators, Racks and other office goods and IT Equiprments. 

Gati Express Movers offers full suite office relocation services to ensure you have a time bounds, hassle free and positive moving experience. Our physcial office surveys are exhaustive and detailed to understand the volume of goods, location accessibility to plan and prepare special handling and appropriate timing to ensure minimum distruption to office schedules. 

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Small Office Moves Bangalore

No matter the kind and size of move that you require, we can do it. And do it Perfectly, professionaly, within budget and time contraints, beyond your expectation.

Wheather the new office is a replica of your former one in terms of layout and capacity or a completely diiferent concpt, we make it happen as you have in mind. Gati Express packers Bangalore can manage redesign and refurbishment, liasing with contractors, vendors and consultants to ensure a perfect cohesive services.

Every small office moving process is assigned a Personal Move manager, one or multiple supervisors depending on the move size - not anyone but someone who's right for your needs and has a experience of similar moves. We have a special team for startups and project team relocations.

Complete Office Relocation Services

Gati Express Packers Movers Bangalore can offer regular, overnight or weekends moves to ensure minimum loss of productivity and office operations during bussiness days / hours. We can vacate a fully funcitional office on a Friday evening office hours and hand over a equally functional office in time for Monday morning where the employees can just enter and start working.

Our skillful, dependable and matchless moving team will take care of Dismantling of Computer systems, IT equipements and Server units, furniture and workstations, reapirs, managing the waste, long / short term storage and file & documents management are all matters that we can assist and take care of. 

We offer endL-to-end office relocation services in Bangalore for both local office relocations within Bangalore and Intercity relocation of office goods.

Why our Commercial & Corporate Movers Services in Bangalore are perfect for your Organisation?

  • Because we have expertise and proven record of over 30 years of providing office movign services in Bangalore and have worked with almost all major companies in Bangalore.

  • We at Gati Express Packers Bangalore understand the corporate culture and economics, limitations and priorties to make sure the move is executed with minimum stress and distruptions.

  • We can work and coordinate with different departments to ensure seamless work flow.

  • We have engineers, technicians and vendors to take care of IT infrastructure, furniture, heavy machinery removal and refixing.

  • And Finally, we know our job well.