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Gati Express Movers - Car Transportation 

Gati Express Packers Bangalore can arrange trustworthy transportation and storage of motor vehicles including Cars, two wheelers etc by specialised & customized car container vehicles equipped with hydraulic loading and unloading ramps and wheel jammers to ensure complete peace of mind.

Be it a Alto or a Lambhorghini, we make sure that your prized and loved possession is handled with utmost care and safety. Gati Movers Packers offers tailor made customized vehicle transport solutions to each customer.

Car Transportation is different from household goods or commercial goods movements and requires different resources for a flawless smooth delivery.



Car and Personal Vehicle Transportation services include door pickup of the Vehicle, checking the vehicle condition including accessories of the car and generating a 'car pickup condition document', driving the car from customer location to car warehouse, loading the car into the container, transportation to the destination city, unloading and door delivery of the car to the customer location.

Car Transporation is a specialized job and need expertise and professional approach. A small mistake or wrong handling can completely damage the vehicle and can have serious financial and emotional damages for you. Car is something that most people feel connected to unlike other household goods and personal stuff. That's the reason Gati Express movers have a specialised team to handle cars, from pickup to handing over the car to you in perfect shape and condition.

We offer Car Transportation Services in Bangalore, Delhi, NCR, Gurgaon, Noid, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Guwahati, Bhubneshwar, Goa, Patna, Cochi and lucknow. 

Car Transportation Services - Location Served

  • Bangalore to Mumbai Moving Services

  • Bangalore to Delhi / NCR / Noida

  • Bangalore to Gurgaon / Faridabad / Ghaziabad

  • Bangalore to Chennai, Tamilnadu

  • Bangalore to Kolkata, West Bengal

  • Bangalore to Hyderabad, Andhra

  • Bangalore to Pune, Maharashtra

  • Bangalore to Bhubneshwar, Odisha

  • Bangalore to Guwahati, Assam

  • Bangalore to Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Bike & 2 Wheeler Transportation

Bike and two wheeler transfer is far more simpler than car transport services. Bike, Scooter and 2 wheelers are moved either along with other goods in regular container customized two wheeler container vehicles usually called Scooter body containers. 

You may be going from Bangalore for a Ladakh road trip on your Royal Enfield bike or a Road trip to North east from Chennai and want your bike in Kolkata or Guwahati while you fly upto that place and then carry on the road trip throught the awesome north east or sending a bike back home to some remote village in Jharkhand or Telangana or sending bike to home town while your fly abroad for a challenging project abroad, we can securely pack the bike and transport to wherever you want us to sent it.

Modes of Transportation:

  • By Road Transportation

  • By Train

Transportation of Bike through Train maybe cheaper costwise but it isn't that safe since Indian railways does not take any responsibility of any damage or loss of goods. 

Specialized Car Container Vehicle

Car Transportation is done through customized car container vehicles equipped with hydraulic loading and unlaoding ramps and wheel jammers. The car container vehicles come in multiple sizes namely one car container, 5 car container and 7 Car Container. These containers have wheels groove to settle the car wheels, jammers and belts to hold to car & hydraulic ramps.